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Organizational Assessment



A commander's management tool that allows for proactive assessment of critical organizational climate dimensions that can have an impact on effectiveness within the organization.
    DEOMI Organizational Climate Survey (DEOCS)

   Why Everyone Should Complete the DEOCS

Obtain DEOCS Passwords and Reports - SAAS

The Survey Administrator Assistance System (SAAS) is available to assist approved survey administrators with conducting the DEOCS from start to finish. The administrator can request, receive, and download required survey access passwords along with request and download completed reports. A username/password is provided to the administrator when the request for DEOCS has been approved. NOTE: If you are: (1) a DEOCS administrator and have misplaced your username/password or, (2) require a copy of a previous DEOCS report of which you served as the DEOCS administrator contact SAAS Support.
    DEOCS Survey Administrator Assistance System (SAAS)

DRS - DEOCS Data Retrieval System

A system that provides accurate DEOCS assessment data at the service component level to use in conjunction with equal opportunity, organizational effectiveness, cultural awareness, and diversity management responsibilities. The DRS provides a means for the approved user to retrieve statistical data using various DEOCS assessment selection criterion to refine the search.
    Naval DEOCS Retrieval System (NDRS)
    USMC DEOCS Data Retrieval System (MCDRS)
   Army DEOCS Data Retrieval System (ADRS)

   USAF DEOCS Data Retrieval System (USAFDRS)
    USCG DEOCS Data Retrieval System (CGDRS)
    NGB DEOCS Data Retrieval System (NGBDRS)


Focusing on equal opportunity and organizational effectiveness, this survey was developed specifically for federal agencies and commissions to meet annual assessments as required by EEOC's Management Directive 715.
    Federal Organizational Climate Survey (FEOCS)


DEOMI produced media that can support organizational assessment efforts.
    How to Conduct a Focus Group Video
    How to Request the DEOMI DEOCS Video

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